Origin, Concept, nature and Scope of Management Accounting.

Need and Importance of Management Accounting, Tools & techniques of Management Accounting, Limitations.

Management Accountant duties, functions, Distinction between management accounting & Financial Accounting.

Financial statement Analysis:- meaning of financial statements, types of financial statements, Comparative Statements, Common Size statements, Trend analysis.

Introduction of EVA (Economic value Added).
Tools of Financial Analysis – Ratio Analysis (Liquidity, Activity, Solvency and Profitability ratios)

Fund flow Analysis and Cash flow analysis. Responsibility Accounting: – Meaning of Responsibility Accounting, features of Responsibility Accounting.

Steps involved in Responsibility Accounting, types of responsibility centers, transfer price; meaning, methods, selection of transfer pricing method.

Management Reporting – Meaning of Reports, Object/Purpose or Importance of Reports, Needs, Types.

Requirements of good report preparation including prewriting and form of final draft,

Working Capital Management: – Meaning of Working Capital Management, importance of Working Capital Management.

Need of Working Capital Management, advantages and disadvantages of Working Capital Management.

Factors affecting working capital requirements, principles of working capital management, Financing of working capital.

Approaches for determining working capital mix.

Trends in financing working capital by banks.

Nature and Scope of Management Control System: Meaning, Nature and characteristics of the Control process.

Strategic planning and operational planning; Difference between strategic planning and operational planning.

Time Dimension of Planning; Relationship between planning and controlling.

Steps in management control system; management control System as a process; Importance of Management Control Systems.

Concept of Goal Congruence: Meaning; Importance of Organisational Goals; Goals formulation process; factors affecting goals.

Goal Changes; Goal Congruence; factors affecting goal congruence; Guidelines for achieving goal congruence.